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Welcome to Barksalot Parson Russell Terriers

The "Barksalot Pack" consists of the terriers and myself (Elsa Jensen) on a 230 acre farm in the middle of Washington state. All of the dogs have house privileges, lots of area to roam and play, and even irrigation ditches to swim in during the summer months.  I have spent a great amount of time researching Parson Russell terrier pedigrees and securing the bloodlines to produce the type and quality of dogs that appeal to me. I'm very proud of these rascals and love to show them off. If you are in the area, just give me a call and stop by for a visit - be forewarned though, you will be mobbed, licked, and wrestled with for sure.
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Barksalot's Leroy
Barksalot's Leroy

Available For Sale
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Ch Barksalot's White Magic

 A hard winter with too much snow and
my age (71+) and health factors

(bad knees) has made me realize it's time
to downsize my kennel.

These are not just kennel dogs. All are happy, well-adjusted house pets and
are housebroke to a pet door. All dogs go with a 2 week trial period.

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